Hays Bo Black takes over at SM Northwest

By Dion Clisso PrepsKC Managing Editor
Posted: January 6, 2015 - 3:22 PM

Shawnee Mission Northwest has found its new coach. Bo Black is the next head coach taking over for Lin Hibbs who led the cougars for the last two seasons.

Black comes to Northwest from Hays high school where he was 7-2 in his only season. Before taking over Hays in 2014 he was the head coach at Great Bend for 13 years before moving to Hays finishing with an 82-47 including a trip to the 2006 Class 5A state championship game where Great Bend fell to Blue Valley.

Northwest Activities Director Angelo Giacalone said the school is very excited to have Black as the next head coach of the Cougars.

“He had a great plan and a great stamp and idea of what he wants to put on the program,” Giacalone said. “It’s not going to happen overnight and he understands that. He wants to develop a culture here that is eventually, in the long term, get us where we want to go and I think that is an exciting thing.

“With all of the pillars he put on it and the stamps he has given. Whether it’s offseason x’s and o’s or whether it’s offseason weight room, whether you are in class what you’re expectations are I think all of that combined together is what sold us. We had a great number of good competitive candidates that are going to be good head coaches where they land.”

Black said Shawnee Mission Northwest is a great opportunity to coach and build a program in one of the top conferences in Kansas.

“We are really excited about the area and we are familiar with some administrators in that district,” Black said. “I just think it is a great opportunity to build a program back up. I’ve known a lot of coaches from Western Kansas that have moved that way and they have loved it.”

After spending more than a decade at one school, Black is now making his second transition in as many years. While that doesn’t happen all the time, Black said there are a lot of positives from his experience of changing jobs last year.

“From a football perspective you are basically repeating a year,” Black said. “That’s really kind of fun putting the staff together, talking about philosophy and how we are going to do things and the fundamentals of the game and implementing new systems. That’s fun.

“After moving last year from a marriage standpoint I don’t if it’s all that great but fortunately my wife has been on board that and we are excited about it in many different ways.”

Black takes over for Hibbs who was 5-14 with a playoff appearance in 2013.