Coach Profile: Belton's Todd Vaughn 1/5

Todd Vaughn

By Dion Clisso PrepsKC Managing Editor
Posted: January 5, 2016 - 4:09 PM

One of the best stories of this past season was at Belton. The Pirates finished with a winning record for the first time since 2007, won two postseason games and had a Simone Award finalist.

Leading the Pirates program the last three seasons has been Todd Vaughn. He has been a successful coach at two previous stops before Belton and now holds a 97-52 record as a head coach over a 13 season span.

He worked at Farmington and Wentzville Holt before taking of the reigns for the Pirates in 2013. His career has seen him work at one-school towns like Belton and Farmington and a multi-school district like Wentzville.

With a career that has seen success on and off the field Vaughn credits several people with having a strong influence in his decision to become a coach and continue in the profession.

“My college coach Ken Gibler was a big influence on men” Vaughn said. “He was the first man in my life that I really respected. Also I have some really good friends that I played college football with that are also head football coaches.

“I got in this profession because of Paul Day. He asked me to help coach when he was at Owensville and I had never really thought about coaching football. I also lean a lot on Brad Drehle and Farrell Shelton.”

Vaughn said being a football coach has many rewards that are more than just wins and losses.

“I love the relationship with kids and friendship I have made in this profession with other coaches,” Vaughn said. “Also seeing kids having success in life and on the football field is what really makes this a truly great profession.”

To help those players achieve their goals Vaughn said his philosophy is a simple one.

“I have a ‘My Child’ philosophy,” Vaughn said. “I want the kids in our program to be treated the same way I would want my child treated. I also want our program to benefit our young men the same way I would want my child to benefit.”

There are a lot of positives in coaching football but Vaughn said there are always things that can improve including parents’ understanding of what football teaches and the positives it brings.

“I would change the unrealistic view from some of the parents,” Vaughn said. “They sometimes don't see the "big" picture of what we are trying to accomplish.”