Make that 28 in a row

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By Sean Kosednar PrepsKC Staff Writer
Posted: September 14, 2018 - 10:02 PM

Complete Stats and Box Score

Anyone who has followed high school football in Kansas City knows Bishop Miege can’t up points. So, the 40 spot the Stags put on Mill Valley Friday, Sept. 14 isn’t a surprise. Three blocked punts, two turnovers, one special teams’ touchdown, one defensive touchdown and only seven points allowed should get people on both sides of the state line to sit up and take notice.

“Hats off to [Mill Valley],” Bishop Miege head coach Jon Holmes said, “coach Applebee and coach Hudgins had a great game plan for us. Our back only had 20 yards at halftime. Proud of our guys because they didn’t quit.”

At the end of the first quarter the score was 7-0 Stags, and Mill Valley had already forced an interception. It was looking like Miege was in for a fight. Half way through the second quarter everything changed.

Senior quarterback Sam Pedrotti started a drive for the Stags on their own 8 yard-line. After a bomb to both Phillipe Wesley and Hudson Bentley, and less than a minute later Brinson Cobbins was leaping over the line and into the end zone.

“Sam Pedrotti grew up tonight,” Holmes said. “He made some big throws that he had to make. Our receivers played tremendous games. We ask a lot of them. We have some injuries at that position, so those are four guys.”

The story of the rest of the game was the Stags’ defense. Miege pinned the Jags deep on their next possession. A sack forced Mill Valley to punt from their own end zone. Punting had already been an adventure with multiple bad snaps to that point.

“We like to get after the kicking game,” Holmes said. “Our special teams coordinator Zach Mann does a tremendous job getting us ready week to week. We felt like we could get some blocks after we saw some bad snaps on film. We thought we could take advantage of that tonight.”

They certainly did. This time it was a good snap but backed up to the end line meant a Stag defender could break through the line and get a hand on the punt. Junior Tyquez Agnew-Whitten picked it up on the bounce and ran into the left corner of the end zone. It wouldn’t be the last defensive score of the day for Miege.

On the very next possession, Mill Valley was moving the ball out near midfield and the clock was ticking down to halftime. Jordan Preston completed a quick out when senior line back Dylan Downing forced a fumble near the sideline. Jaylen Scruggs was alert and scooped the ball up then used his speed to beat everyone to the end zone.

“[Mill Valley] has a really good offense,” Scruggs said. “It feels really good to hold them to only 7 points. Shout out to Dylan Downing for being the one to force the fumble. I just happened to be there and pick it up and score.”

Scruggs wasn’t done. Near the end of the third quarter with the game well in hand the Jaguars were driving. Scruggs got beat on a great play by the wide receiver, but the senior cornerback recovered and forced a fumble of his own.

“One thing about DB is you can’t give up,” Scruggs said. “I kept playing and I forced a fumble.”

That perseverance is important to a young Miege defense. That expects to be good for years to come.

“Jalen Williams, Dylan Downing and Jaylen Scruggs are the only seniors we start on defense,” Homes said. “Those three are the heart and soul of our defense. I’m so proud of their effort tonight. They played a really good game against a really good offense.”